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Introducing the greatest suite of energy data throughout US

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Real-Time Energy Pricing

Adjust usage based on market costs

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Demand Response Events & Incentives

Conserve during peak hours and profit from incentive programs

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Consumer Rates & Usage

Customize apps to individual rate plans and historical usage patterns

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Algorithmic Alerts

Track and respond to unusual dips and spikes in usage

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The connected home was finally a reality, but one crucial piece of data is missing, until now. Without real-time energy costs, demand response alerts, rate information and usage history, homeowners are still just consumers of energy. With Know Watt, they don’t just consume energy—they control it.

Today, data about energy prices and consumer usage is scattered over hundreds of sources in thousands of formats. Individual utilities and Public Service Commissions, smart meters and “Green Button” data feeds, day-ahead predictions and minute-by-minute realities—pulling it all together is more than any app developer should be expected to do. Know Watt does it for you.


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