Algorithmic Alerts

Dips and spikes in energy usage are usually indicators that something unplanned is occuring in a home or business. Knowing what constitutes a dip or spike and what constitutes standard variability in usage takes considerable experience and expertise—exactly the kind of experience and expertise that Know Watt has.

Without algorithmic intelligence, usage data – both aggregate residential data and device or outlet-specific data – is nothing more than a continuous stream of kilowatt numbers. What’s normal? What’s not? Was the fridge door left open or are the condenser coils malfunctioning? Is the family on vacation or is their HVAC unit leaking? Finding the answer can be difficult, but it’s extremely important. One quick fix, and consumers can save hundreds of dollars a month.

Connected home developers shouldn’t need to spend hours trying to parse usage data. With Know Watt, they won’t have to. Focus on building value for your customers. We’ll do the rest.

Know Watt’s Algorithmic Alerts include:
  • Customizable alerts for residential and commercial customers.
  • Ability to cross reference usage data against family calendars, Nest “Auto Away” data, etc.
  • Tools to share alerts directly with consumers.


Usage data provides another key advantage for developers: the ability to time advertisements to occupancy, and target it based on efficiencies and inefficiencies of existing products in a household or business.

Ready to empower consumers to control and conserve their energy usage like never before?