Consumer Rates and Usage

Energy usage is a key indicator of consumer behavior. Until recently, however, this usage data was hard to access—and hard for consumers to share. Today, consumers who want to know more about their usage can leverage Green Button, which offers more than 43 million households the ability to collect and share their usage information.

While Green Button is a great step forward, there are still a number of steps between consumers opting in to the program and app developers being able to leverage their usage data to help them control and conserve that usage. Know Watt bridges the gap, making it simpler than ever for consumers to opt into the program, and share their usage with developers who will use it to save them money.

Not only will Know Watt’s usage and rate data empower customers who already have smart devices; it will drive adoption of those devices, and the apps that power them.

Know Watt’s Consumer Rates & Usage API includes:

  • Easy access to usage and rate data from energy consumers who’ve opted into the “Green Button” program.
  • Simple tools for requesting usage and rate data from the millions of consumers who get energy from our partner utilities.
  • Where specific data is unavailable, rate and usage estimates based on residential usage patterns and normalized residential rate information will be made available.

Know Watt makes good on the promise of Green Button. Improved transparency is only a click away.

Ready to empower consumers to control and conserve their energy usage like never before?