Demand reponse Incentives and Events

In order to reduce peak usage, nearly all utilities and energy suppliers offer some form of Demand Response program. Some simply ask customers to reduce their usage during times when a spike is expected; others offer economic incentives for cutting usage; others have direct access to major appliances like refrigerators and HVAC units and reduce their usage—or turn them off altogether.

By cutting usage, utilities can also avoid turning on “dirty” energy sources such as diesel energy generators that they may need to use to avoid outages during demand spikes.

While commercial and industrial energy consumers have numerous tools for learning about Demand Response incentives and acting accordingly, only the most sophisticated and proactive residential users take advantage of these programs. Know Watt will make it easier for all energy consumers to participate in demand response programs.

Know Watt’s Demand Response API includes:

  • All demand response events relevant to your customers as they are offered (usually “day ahead”).
  • Unified format for all demand response events in the United States, across all Independent System Operators (ISOs).
  • Simplified crediting to end consumers.

Know Watt will act as a proxy to pass demand response credits to your users. Homeowners shouldn’t just respond to demand response events; they should profit from the incentive programs. Know Watt makes this easier than ever.

Ready to empower consumers to control and conserve their energy usage like never before?