Real-Time Energy Pricing

Adjust usage based on real-time costs, conserving energy and saving money.

Most homeowners receive energy from a single source, at a single rate. With real-time pricing programs and “choice” markets growing in reach and popularity, today’s customers have much more control over where they get their energy. However, homeowners can’t take full control of their energy without complete knowledge of their options. With Know Watt – and your connected-home apps – consumers finally have the insight they need.

Know Watt’s real-time market pricing includes:
  • “Day Ahead” Estimates: an estimate of the following day’s hourly prices based on demand estimates, and scheduled offers and transactions.
  • Hourly Price Data: actual hourly data used to bill customers with Real-Time Pricing (RTP).
  • 5-Minute Price Data: real-time market data at a 5-minute interval

Know Watt will provide data from all Independent System Operators (ISOs) in a single, consistent format—including historical data. And the data will be cleaned up in real-time, to fill in gaps and account for incorrect inputs and anomalies.

Note: In regulated markets where real-time data is not available, Know Watt will provide normalized residential rate information.


Ready to empower consumers to control and conserve their energy usage like never before?